But it takes more than words to craft good copy.

Good copy sets you apart from the pack. It garners trust, authority and appreciation, and that’s important stuff. But good copy has to do even more heavy lifting.  It should be your brand’s personality and voice. And it has to incite action. So let’s capture the essence of your brand, find out what makes you stand out from the pack and connect (in people-speak) with your best customers. ‘Cause this stuff matters.

Abi White Copywriter

Too many people underestimate the power of their website and the words they put on it. Your website should be your number one salesperson, working 24/7. So you need savvy copy that will seduce your reader, gently leading them where you want them to go - whether it’s to click a button, fill out a form or buy now.

And when you get this right, the results can be spectacular.

I’ve been an online copywriter for over six years, working with clients and agencies in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I write for an enormous variety of industries with a special focus on SEO copywriting, and the health, cosmetic surgery, dental and e-commerce industries.

Before this time, I spent seven years as founder and director of international e-commerce brand abi and joseph.

I know, first hand, that running a business is not just a job. You’ve put so much on the line, and succeeding is everything. And that’s where I can help.


Copywriting Services


SEO Copywriting

Clear, clever Google-bot magnet copy with key-phrases, headers, anchor text & much more.


Email Marketing

Exciting, attention-grabbing, motivating sales copy that draws people in & makes them buy stuff.


Conversion Copywriting

Strategically placed, convincing copy to drive a single action e.g., to purchase, sign up or call.


Facebook Ads

Game-changing advertising copy that speak to your best audience without haemorrhaging cash.


Product Descriptions

Highly descriptive, enticing & benefits rich words that sell stuff & makes you lots of money.


Blog Writer

Carefully crafted, relevant, useful content that solves the searchers’ intent. And garners trust.

Abi has such a unique ability to not only write amazing copy, but also understand SEO and Website UX. As a digital marketing company we love using Abi’s work on our clients’ websites and landing pages. She is incredibly through with her work and genuinely cares about results.
— Ankita Lewis, Managing Director, SearchBox