Looking for a Perth SEO Agency?

Not so fast, Batman.

Abi White - SEO and Copywriter

Stop right there. Your business may not be the right fit for an SEO company. You may be far better off with a highly experienced, super knowledgeable freelance SEO consultant (that’s me, btw) that can tailor-make a package that’s right for your business, without:

·         locking you into contracts

·         massive monthly spends

·         delegating your company’s website to a team of wet-behind-the-ears juniors

·         making a big deal of computer-generated reports (I’ll give you a comprehensive monthly report from my professional SEO software. It’s imperative, but for goodness’ sake, monthly reports are a 100% fuss-free, computer-generated activity, and shouldn’t be a selling point. (Enough with the smoke and mirrors; any fool can generate a report.)

Get more traffic without paying for ads

It sounds good, doesn’t it? SEO is so good. It’s the bomb. And with Google’s dizzying changes in 2019, it’s even more important than ever. You have to be relevant, highly informative, fresh, authoritative. You have to know the updates and keep up to speed. You have to be ahead of the pack.

People either see your business online, or they don’t. And the difference could cost you your business.

After all these year as a freelance SEO consultant in Perth, I still can’t emphasise the importance of SEO enough, and how wonderful the results are, when done well. It’s the bomb.

Talk about value for money. Abi was so efficient and straight to the point with her work. Her knowledge and implementation has been priceless. I have two business, and it has worked a treat for both. Made me realise how important the SEO and content is! Would recommend her to anybody. This is $$$ well spent.”

— Jesper Orth
Rise up with SEO

What is SEO?

Short for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of web traffic by increasing the visibility of your site to people browsing the Internet on search engines (SERPs). It’s about optimising everything we can, making your site the least imperfect from the grassroots up so that it has the best chance of visibility – without you paying money.

This traffic is known as organic traffic.

And it’s the bomb!

Meet CLIENT A and CLIENT B (not their real names) and take a look at the kind of (hard working) fun we’ve had…

More info about past clients and screen grabs are available upon request. NB: confidential information will not be shared.

Like your business to float to the top of Google?

Hell yes, of course you would. It was a rhetorical question. Let’s talk.


SEO: The process

Every business has different requirements, but detailed process often runs like this:

- Site audit, including site architecture analysis

- Technical audit

- Competitor analysis

- Key-phrase research

- Internal linking

- External linking

- Page optimisation & content creation

- Local SEO

- Social media


The process in more detail

Site audit, including site architecture analysis

We’ll look at mobile-friendliness, navigation and page layout, see what’s lacking, what’s redundant, check link structure and how we best silo your information for SEO.

Technical audit

A technical audit is multifaceted – but the big one is site speed, because that the powerful ranking signal. We’ll ensure the robots can crawl your site easily, look at your URLs, check there’s no time-sapping, dangerous or insecure plug-ins, and ensure you’re using the secure Hypertext transfer protocol: Https (not Http), but you wouldn’t still be using that, would you?

Competitor analysis  

Competitor analysis is exceedingly important with SEO. There are a lot of times in business where it pays to focus on ourselves and ignore the competition – but not with SEO. We have to get in there and carefully observe what’s working for your competitors, learn from them, then make sure we do a better job. We need to outdo them, basically, but in a nice way!

Key-phrase research

I’m guessing you’ve heard of key-phrase research. You need a professional to do the job because it’s highly nuanced. We must define the phrases relevant to your business and decide which ones you can realistically rank for.

For example, if you’re selling women’s fashion, unless you are David Jones or Myers –you’re going to have a painful time trying to rank for “women’s fashion”.

However, if you sell fashion pants for tall women, or exercise pants for tall women, or pants made in cherry red organic cotton, we can focus on these more specific key phrases for a better outcome.

Of course, if you’re a large business and you have to roll up your sleeves and play with the big girls, then yes, we’ll go after those huge, highly competitive phrases. We’ll just need the money and the time to do it, capiche?

Internal linking

Internal linking is a fantastic exercise for all websites, but you have to know what you’re doing and how to silo your content, linking in a particular fashion. Anchor text is also part of the picture.

External links

Yes, external links are still exceedingly important for ranking. We just go about it differently now. Think of it more as ‘link earning’. With some industries, it’s easier to earn links than others; and we’ll discuss this. We’ll look at your competitors carefully and see where they’re getting their links from. Don’t we sound nosy! Has to be done.

Page optimisation

Page optimisation is the fun stuff for me – we look all the elements that will give you the best chance of ranking well on the search engines. We look at every element and make sure it ticks all the boxes for the robots and the readers. This includes your meta title, meta description, URLs, headings, subheadings, images, dot points, alt tags, CTAs and then writing for intent.  We’ll create useful, relevant, helpful content that gives the reader exactly what they wanted to find – and then some! We must show EAT: Expertise, Authority and Trust - proving what we know, and linking out to excellent sources. We must answer questions and make the content linkable.

Local SEO

I recommend you check out my page on local SEO here. If you have a local business with a brick-and-mortar presence, a Google My Business listing is imperative to improve your local SEO. A free product created by Google, it allows you to promote your business profile and website on Google Search and Maps. You can add loads of info about your services, add great graphics and post regular content, giving you valuable – and free advertising on Google’s search pages.

Social media

Facebook marketing will help you get in front of the right crowd, fast. And, you can easily re-target your recent visitors. Read more about it here.

Float to the top of Google with good SEO

The beauty & enrichment of SEO

Funny sub-headline for SEO, you’re probably thinking. But perhaps this is where I differ from others. Good SEO is incredibly encompassing, but you may find comfort in knowing that it’s also excellent for user experience for your audience.

Real people, not just robots.

SEO will help attract more viewers; they’ll be more likely to like what they see, read more, trust you more - and convert.

As an experienced, content-loving copywriter and a self-confessed aesthete, I do more than put on my propeller head. (Yes, yes, do that) I want you to have an attractive site, with well-written conversion copy and creative content – full of informative, interesting information that your customers want to know, enticing headlines, brilliant calls to action, the whole shebang. I don’t just create meta data and slap on some link building service.

That is only part of the picture.

Cannot recommend Abi enough!! She is absolutely brilliant and the results were obvious after she worked her magic on my websites and social media platforms!
— Dr Aran Moorthy

Ethical SEO

It’s essential that Search Engine Optimisation is performed professionally, methodically and ethically. There should be no link farms or duplicate copy. There should be no computer-generated title tags and meta descriptions. And there must not be promises of first rankings on Google. (How can anyone predict the future? What if your competitor is is indulging in short-term gain unethical practices? What if they get a bunch of links, each with a domain authority of 82? SEO is about being the least imperfect, but more on that later.)

Let’s do this

Well executed SEO is imperative for your online business. It will give your online business immense strength, much like a sturdy building built from its reinforced concrete base upwards. If such a secure framework is built, the need for repairs and embellishments are lessened. What’s more, a successful SEO campaign makes for a greatly reduced marketing budget.