One-on-One Coaching & Consulting for Online Businesses


Starting an online business?

I offer an hourly one-to-one consulting service to help you organise all your website & online business needs.


Got a great idea, but don't know where to start?

Not sure if your idea is a winner? Like to be on social media but not sure which platform is right for you?

Before you invest in any online service, or even start an online business, please think carefully, and get advice.

Here’s the thing: Every day, people are starting online ventures and reaping massive rewards. Also, some aren’t.

Let’s get sensible, and do this:

∙ Take an hour or two to talk to me at an affordable hourly rate
∙ Discuss your online business or e-commerce plans or ideas
∙ Assess your internet business needs
∙ Implement the best online marketing & SEO strategy for your business.

Wow! I had a consult with Abi last week. She makes SEO easy - even for those of us who have no idea. She took care of the tricky stuff for me, and I left with a long list of easy tasks to improve my site’s ranking. If you’ve been thinking about how or where to start - call her - she’s brilliant.
— Rachael O’Byrne, Clinical Psychologist; owner/director, Fremantle Clinical Psychology & Counselling

An hour's consultation; a good idea

With the rapidly increasing pressure for every business to boast an online presence, many businesses are making hasty and often ill-informed decisions to simply “get online”.

The Internet may not be new, but the concept of every business having an online platform – and having a successful marketing strategy is new. And not so simple.


Important considerations for your online business

My internet career began 12 yrs ago with my online company abi and joseph (now sold). Partnering with Kiwi e-retail giants Estar Online, we were often showcased alongside the big players, e.g., Country Road, Ezibuy, JB Hifi. More than just flattering, the experience gave me the best possible education in the seriously competitive world of e-retail.

What industry are you in? Is it viable that it’s sold online?

Want to create an online store?  It's essential to choose the right platform for your online retail shop.

Who are your competitors? If you're in a competitive area, such as baby wear, how do you plan to stand out from the pack?  How are your competitors succeeding online? We need to take a close look at this.

What size is your business? If your organisation has a small but stable team, perhaps we can look at setting you up to do certain marketing activities in-house, such as social media. If your team is large but busy, you can hand all the marketing over to my team.

Just starting out? Let's not get ahead of ourselves - it's important not to get overexcited and build a super fancy website, or set you up with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram - and expect you to run it all. If you're still trying to source better manufacturers and complete your first projects, things could fall in a heap before you've reached first base.

Who are your customers? How old are they? Where do they live? Do you want them to be repeat customers?

How much does one conversion/ one sale mean to you?  Will 'getting them in the door' and making that first sale lead to multiple sales/ongoing subscriptions further down the track? Or are people likely to buy from you only once? Is your profit from one sale large? (E.g. real estate/ furniture /educational course) or as a fairly small, requiring lots of sales and not investing a lot in each customer? (E.g. socks/gift cards /cheap toys) 

It can get a little rough ‘n tumble out there. So you may want me to hold your hand for a little bit…

It can get a little rough ‘n tumble out there. So you may want me to hold your hand for a little bit…

How do they use the Internet/what social media platforms do they engage with? Are they Facebook junkies? Do they Tweet? Or do they like to read interesting e-newsletters?

What are your objectives? Do you want a presence online, or do you want 100% of your revenue to come from online orders? 

How fast do you need to grow? If the situation is urgent, more immediate services such as PPC and Google Adwords may need to be deployed in addition to SEO work. 

What is your budget? Doesn't it always come back to money? The more you have, the more options we have to target your market, and with greater speed and penetration. If your budget is tight, we need to get creative. And it'll be essential that you roll up your sleeves and get to work with me.

Spend your money wisely: let's simmer through the above together first, then I can help you make an informed choice to maximise your spend!

 For more information about my one-to-one consultancy services, contact me now!

We’ve been working with Abi White for over three years..she’s always provided the most up-to-date, professional advise for our online marketing needs. She is on point and so well versed. Our SEO results have gone from nowhere (in a ridiculously competitive industry) to dominting the top end of the first page ...would recommend ANYONE requiring SEO or Facebook marketing to speak to Abi.
— K Wales, Guardian Doors