Facebook Advertising




Hire a social media marketing consultant & turn your visitors into paying customers. Without haemorrhaging cash.

Facebook ads are the most targeted and cost-effective advertising medium available today, no matter what size business you have.  

Scale your business & get in front of the right crowd, fast.

With minimal spend and testing, we can give you more than leads – we can give you the right type of leads – from your most desirable customers.

If you:

  • are tired of burning cash in all the wrong places

  • can’t monitor who’s visiting your site

  • don’t have money to burn

  • want more traffic

  • want clear, concise analytics

  • are frustrated that you can’t get your message out to the right customers 

Then, it’s time for Facebook advertising. Even if everything else has failed.


Facebook remarketing

You’re going to love it…

Facebook pixel for retargetting

How would you like it if you only had to pay for the most efficiently targeted customers to view your ads? With Facebook remarketing, you can turn your visitors into paying customers. Sometimes for only a few dollars a day. Because pixels.

Facebook has created an analytical tool called a pixel that we place on your website to track visitors and their actions on your website.

 This pixel allows us to retarget them in the future (keeping your brand fresh in their mind), see which pages they visit on your site and also allows us to create lookalike audiences based on similarities of your real life visitors.

It’s almost too good to be true. But it’s true. And it works.

Pixels provide so many benefits, but undeniably, and outstanding feature is its ability to successfully retarget your (already warm) visitors but have a higher chance of converting – at minimal expense.

And nothing compares to the exhilaration of seeing real, convertible leads flood into your business.

If you’d like to keep up with your competitors, push through the noise and say hello to your ideal target market through Facebook, let’s get in touch.


Why choose me to be your Facebook manager?

✓ 3 years’ intense experience at the coalface

✓ Managed accounts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

✓ 2 1/2 years’ intense training with Facebook NZ and FB Singapore

BRAG ALERT: I was chosen for the Facebook High-Value group, where only the top 1% of Facebook marketers in Australia and New Zealand gain entry.

Achieving excellent results is not a hobby. My clients depend on me to deliver seriously good leads.


About budget

Facebook is excellent for almost every size of business. If you’re a small business, we can be frugal and conservative. Larger businesses need to spend more. How much, exactly? That requires a conversation, competitor analysis and realistic expectations.

A cautionary note

Although Facebook can deliver breathtakingly fantastic results, a certain amount of experimentation is required. Once in a blue moon, a business, or product/service within a business won’t work for Facebook. Although this tends to be the exception and not the norm.