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Clear, AHPRA-compliant web copywriting & SEO for doctors - that won’t make you look like a car salesperson.

It’s getting tough out there.

Gone are the days where doctors could rely on referrals only. With patient shopping around, especially online, medicine is becoming increasingly commodified and highly competitive, sometimes leaving the most credentialed practitioners going unnoticed - as they don’t invest in online marketing.

And why would you want to?

Marketing often has a cheap-and-nasty ring to it, and if you’re an esteemed medical professional, all of this can feel like a giant nuisance. But it needs to be done.

Doctors & Medical Professional need a sound SEO & marketing strategy to increase visibility & deliver an abundant stream of traffic to your website.

Almost all doctors rely on a constant stream of new patients. Today, this means being visible online to the right audience and connecting with the right people.

This requires a clear, data-driven marketing strategy.

Number #1 on Google

Always possible, never promised

Getting to number one can be done without manipulative sales pages and obtuse advertising. One of my favourite clients, screen-grabbed below, is a classic example. A discreet, reputable Melbourne surgeon who shies away from all advertising, I’ve managed to reflect her professionalism and maintain her integrity - and Google has rewarded us with the highest ranking.

NB: Full screen grab indicating number one position available upon request.

Esteemed surgeon Dr Joni Feldman ranks No. #1 for ‘Liposuction Melbourne’ & ‘Melbourne Liposuction’ - the most competitive term in her industry.

Esteemed surgeon Dr Joni Feldman ranks No. #1 for ‘Liposuction Melbourne’ & ‘Melbourne Liposuction’ - the most competitive term in her industry.

Good SEO & marketing will:

✓ Drastically improve online visibility

✓ Increase phone calls

✓ Attract more patient numbers

✓ Generate seriously good revenue

✓ Improve brand awareness

✓ Enhance your authority

✓ Increase patient trust and loyalty

✓ Protect your online reputation

If you’re going to be visible, you’ve got to look good

We must get this right. Certainly, we want to get your phones ringing, but we can’t have you looking like a cowboy. Content must be well written and AHPRA-compliant, webpages must be fresh, relevant, useful and especially mobile-friendly.

“You’re a medical doctor; you shouldn’t have to look cheap and nasty just to get patients through the door.”


I would highly recommend Abi. She has vastly improved my business’ online presence with her comprehensive SEO approach and well-written content. Abi is smart, creative and always achieves excellent results.


AHPRA-Compliant Advertising & SEO

Doctors and medical professionals require a multifaceted strategy, which may often include the following:


Comprehensive SEO services; advice on choosing appropriate site platforms (e.g. Wordpress, Squarespace) site architecture, branding and design


Interesting, authoritative, AHPRA-compliant web pages, landing pages (for Adwords/Facebook campaigns) & blogs



Comprehensive Google My Business listing completion, local citations, reputation management, FAQs, regular posts and more

Facebook marketing


Advanced Facebook marketing services to quickly turn your visitors into paying customers – economically.


Regular communications with your database to develop trust, loyalty and a damn good dose of healthy enthusiasm.


Letters, job advertisements, in-house communications - all that stuff that needs to be done properly but you just don’t have the time - or anyone on the team that can make you look good.


Why choose me?

✓ 6 years’ experience writing AHPRA-compliant copy

✓ 6 years’ experience aggressively marketing several dental clinics in highly competitive areas

✓ Outstanding SEO results

✓ Excellent copy that will reflect your professional standing a good reputation.

✓ Aesthetics are a priority – I won’t have you looking like your website was made via a PowerPoint presentation

✓ Advanced social media marketing skills