Dental Marketing & SEO



Customised dental marketing services from an experienced professional that’ll have you smiling, not just your patients.

Let’s get you dominating the search engines & converting valuable patients with beautiful, useful, AHPRA-compliant content that people actually want to read.

Is dental SEO & marketing worth it?

Yes, absolutely - it’s worth it. Please take SEO seriously. When done well, it can turn your dental clinic website into a Moneymaking Machine.

Now, more than ever, people are shopping around for dental procedures. And they are searching online. So you must get this right. You’ll need powerful SEO, insider knowledge, clever, careful copy, brilliant landing pages and a decent (not necessarily expensive) website.

So let’s get in touch. Providing we’re a good mix, and you’re not geographically located too close to an existing client, I’ll see if I can help.


“Let’s turn your dental clinic website into a high converting, moneymaking machine. Without looking like a used car salesman.”

- Abi White, Dental Marketer & SEO

SERP results Client B.png

Case Study: Client B

These results were achieved for a client in a frighteningly competitive space within a 12-month period. When we started, their Google rankings were nowhere to be seen (way past page 4).

Today, they dominate the search engines for a large number of search terms, sitting in positions #1, #2 and #3 for many.

Better still, the client has reduced their advertising spend by $20K (despite adding Facebook advertising to the mix).

The results have been excellent - but I must add, so was the client. Read: willing to take advice, to let me do my job, and to also get to work where required.

This project is proof again that if you have a clear plan, a solid grasp of the industry and are prepared to do the work, great things can happen.

Cannot recommend Abi enough!! She is absolutely brilliant and the results were obvious after she worked her magic on my websites and social media platforms!
— Dr Aran Moorthy

Choose your dental marketing consultant wisely

Online marketing has turned into a circus. So what should you look for in a dental marketing consultant?

Customised solution

Avoid cookie-cutter packages. Your business is not the same as the next. You need someone with the smarts to know what’s right for you and can tailor a plan accordingly.


Find someone that knows the dental industry – inside out. They will know what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll save valuable money avoiding mistakes. And they must be able to write conversion copy brilliantly.

No empty promises

No good SEO will tell you they will get you to the top of Google. (Buying a lot of links for short-term gain is not clever) Instead, I’ll make your site ‘the least imperfect’. Doesn’t sound sexy, but that’s what gets the top SEO ranking.

Stunning dental clinic images generously provided by dental fit-out company, DENTEC NZ.


Have I done this before?

Yes, I’ve done this dental marketing thing before.

For nearly six years, I’ve been neck-deep in dental SEO, local SEO, trending dental services, high-converting services and useless services. I’ve written about dental implants, implant-supported dentures, All-on-Four, All-on-Six, Four-under-One and One-on-One. I’ve covered partial dentures, full dentures, overdentures, implant-support dentures, immediate dentures, CEREC crowns, porcelain crowns, fillings, wisdom teeth, baby teeth, extractions, toothache, gum disease, tooth decay, aligners, scale and cleans, x-rays, root canals, veneers, whitening and brightening. I’ve lived in the land of advanced Facebook marketing - tutored by some of the best in various countries - sweating over dental ads that work, ads that don’t, landing pages, sales pages, dedicated emails, high-conversion image testing, copy testing and ad testing. I’ve studied AHPRA laws and conversed with their lawyers. (Facebook rules? Rinse and repeat.) I’ve watched competing clinics be bought and sold, rise and fall, open and close; seen the scams, the scandals and results of link building penalties – from the slaps on the wrists to the serious damage. I’ve sweated it out with dentists, dental technicians, prosthodontists, prosthetists, hygienists, assistants, and receptionists; written hundreds of pages for clinics Australia-wide, and helped clinics grow from ‘just a couple’ to oh-so-many and have made staggering, astounding, holy sh*t improvements to several dentistry clinics’ bottom line.

Damn right I’ve done this before.

Copy of MARKETING PLAN 2 .png

Case Study: Client A

This is your classic ‘zero-to-hero’ story.

We started from nowhere, over five years ago, to absolutely dominating the search engines for their numerous dental branches over Perth. It was a massive marketing success. Staggering.

I had them ranking well within 4-5 months, then continued to build results over several years. (I relinquished my position at the end of 2018. Time for new things.)

Again, the client was great - keen, entrepeneurial, talented and willing to let me do what it took to get their brand dominating the competition.

For further information, please contact me for screen grabs. Please understand that I do NOT give out confidential information. Heads up: I’ll give you the same courtesy. :-)


Local SEO (GMB) for dentists’ clinics

Local SEO is a powerful (and technically free) way of having your dental clinic found online.

About local search

You’re given the opportunity, if your business is optimised correctly, to capitalise on prime real estate in Google’s search engine results and advertise not only your services but reviews, opening hours, address, staff photos and much more.

Dental clinics, in particular, can reap huge rewards from local SEO. It’s far from expensive, and the results can keep on giving.

And another thing - you don’t have much choice! Plenty of your dental competitors are doing local SEO, so if you lag, you’ll miss out.


 Social Media for Dentists


When planned carefully, dental industries can reap wonderful rewards with social media. But you have to know the rules – and there are many rules with both social media and AHPRA.

I’ve written an extensive post regarding Facebook and AHPRA, which I thoroughly suggest you check out if you have a dental or medical practice.

Health advertisements can easily trip up on Facebook’s algorithms and result in seeing you blocked or penalised. For example, Facebook is stringent with its rules regarding any of the following:

  • before and after photos

  • close-up photography of body parts

  • idealistic images of attractive faces

  • drawing attention to any health or physical problem

I can help you navigate through this tricky terrain and make sure you reap the (truly incredible) rewards that Facebook advertising can provide.

Landing pages

Don’t let your precious advertising dollars spent on Adwords or Facebook campaigns go to waste through bland or poorly communicative webpages. Good landing pages convert new readers into eager, paying customers. This must be done correctly for you.


Editing, proofreading & ongoing communications

I can help with editing, day-to-day communications, proofreading, newsletters, SMS creation, reminders, job vacancies, off-line advertising and more.


TL;DR: Who I am and what I do

I’m a highly experienced copywriter & SEO with specialist skills in dental marketing – after over six years of exhaustive and successful work in the game. I’m not a used car salesman.

I do:

  • Excellent dental copy/landing pages/blogs

  • Seriously savvy & skilful SEO (email me and I’ll show you some staggering results)

  • Facebook ads (advanced level)

  • Email marketing (EDMS)

  • In-house communications & miscellaneous copywriting tasks, e.g., dentist job advertisements

  • Provide and use comprehensive, relevant data

I don’t: 

  • Do Adwords (SEM)

  • Create websites (but I can refer you to the best developer for your project)

  • Offer graphic design services (but I can refer you to the best developer for your project)

  • Give top of Google promises (I can’t read the future or know what your competitors will do or spend)

  • Sprout meaningless statistics to sound impressive

  • Indulge in marketing-speak jargon